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Where our Models & Escorts redefine ‘GFE’ from the magic of the Deep.

Our booking site and community engine is available 24hrs around the clock and isn’t just another cliché of rhetoric in  the crowded aldult entertainment industry. – We are constantly on a mission to discover the ideal personalities. types, who truly love their work and this industry and are always reaching out to find true artisans and passionate expressionists of the human condition. Remember, these are hard-working and dedicated people who love travel the world, experience life to the fullest and who are looking to build their futures upon an ever-changing landscape in a very competitive industry.

EscortsDeep exist to provide access to solutions, technologies, and opportunities – from how to manage and build our moleel’s careers wnd wealth wisely; to safety assurance, insurance, travel and visa services and advice, assistance, etc.- guided by our experienced teams from all angles of this vibrant industry. 

Good management is about managing good people or making them good and then better at what they’re do. We value their career development, goals and success ambitions. Our commitment is based in strong human resources, solid services, safety and high quality of life for all.

*We deplore any and ALL acts of Bullying, human trafficking, exploitation of people, blackmailing, revenge/hate sex/hutcore/ or any exposure to, or use of minors, cheating and theft, unprotected intercourse, any non consenting relations, etc. Any impolite behavior, rudeness or drukeness, abuse of narcotics, violence, unwanted filming or recording in any medium, will not be tolerated.”

Any such(but not limited) illegal activity of such nature(s) will result in prosecution, blacklist, possible reports to the relevant authorities, or any other means to bring about fairness, in sever cases, prosecution measures.

Our focus is to create the deep environments where wonder is abundant, keeping our precious models/courtesan and clients feeling safe and secure at all times. All our ‘deepers’ are trained to strictly adhere to the most discreet and private verification methods and are strictly not allowed to recant, gossip or record in any way, time spent with you. As the time is yours, we have a no device policy unless you approve. This respects your time, discretion and is a hallmark of our commitment to you of unmatched intimacy. As any gentlemen would come to expect.

Now…with all that out of the way, it’s time to take the plunge and get wet! ..literally!

So get ready, hold your breath…and jump!

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